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Hi guys! I'm Lotta Asmussen, originally come from Kungälv, which is about 20 km outside Gothenburg in Sweden. It was at this location that I discovered my passion for movement and exercise. As a child and teenager, most of the time was spent either on the football field or on horseback.

But as I got older, my interest in the sports diminished and I started to work out at the gym instead.



The Academy - Education in nutrition, exercise and health: Anatomy, physiology and training.

Moveoo - education as a group training instructor in Functional Strength.

Jim Bergs - education as a group training instructor in Indoor cycling.


Other Educations:

University of Gothenburg - Lic. teacher for younger ages / Preschool teacher


I have always had a genuine interest in human movement and health. Which has led me to constantly put myself in the context of continuing education, by gathering knowledge and inspiration from other active people in the industry. My idea is that research is constantly advancing and so I have to do it to constantly bring in new findings to develop.


My Workplaces:

In 2006 I was employed at Pulsen in Centrum, which later became Sportlife Kungälv where I worked as a group training instructor.

In 2009, I became one of the employees in the newly started facility Träna in Kungälv where I worked as a group training instructor.

In 2011, I took a position at SATS Sweden as a group training instructor, where I worked until I moved abroad.

In 2016 I took my stuff and moved to Palma de Mallorca. Then I felt it was time to take a break in my work in the gym. But since it has been a part of my life since 2006, it quickly became clear to me that the lack was too great. That is why I have now decided to start my own company where I want to, in different ways, inspire people to exercise and have an improved health.

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Lotta is a certificated SGK-coach. This means that she has a special knowledge about training and coaching women in the age of 40-60 years.




In 2017, I started a change that I later understood would become something I would do for the rest of my life. The changes took place both on my inside and my outside. Above all, I realized how much my inside and outside were connected.


Therefore, I mean, that we can never separate our inside from our outside or our outside from our inside. It goes hand in hand. As example; what do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? and what do you put in your mouth when you've just seen yourself in the mirror?


I believe that you have to look on everything like a total health. That we cannot disconnect our mental health from our physical health. And therefore, both must be involved when we think we want to make a change in our lifestyle.


Here I can support you. We do it together, I will be there for you to ask questions and when it feels simple and easy but also when it is difficult and courageous. With me you can ask those questions or thoughts that you did not really dare to admit to yourself. Because I have or had them too, before or right now. We go into the process together and we look forward to the results together.


That's what makes us so amazing!

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Online Coaching




Together we can reach your goals!

In my online coaching you can lose weight, gain muscles or just stay in a balanced weight over time. We do this by focusing on nutricion and training, directly in your mobile in the app Truecoach. You will recieve a dietplan from a food diary that you write during 1 week. The training/movement is based from your life and lifestyle. You will see your results during the coaching by photos, body measures and weight but also strength & condition tests.

To have longlasting results that will last for your whole life, your changes has to come from your inside so you can see it on your outside.


Plan & Prices:
Minimum 4 months

€175 per month



"Nice to have someone to "tune in to", so I continue on the right course towards my goals. CoachLotta has helped me find my way back to training through exciting new challenges each week. Tailor-made based on my needs and goals. With CoachLotta I keep the focus and on the goals I set even the days that are a little tougher".

Petra, Gothenburg.

"Lotta listens to my needs and helps me to keep the motivation up. Through the weekly follow-ups, we have made changes based on my circumstances. After this weeks, I now have another mindset to see things I actually succeeded instead of seeing what I did not succeed. Today I prioritize my workout, have a good diet and a better balance in life. I would recommend this coaching to EVERYONE!".

Lena, Gothenburg.

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